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Native Plants prior to planting

Some of the beautification grant has been used improving the conservation area towards the south of Queen Bishop Ln.


Plantings included Wild Columbine, White Fake Indigo, Spiderwort, Purple Fountain Grass and Liatris.


(JCC has awarded the LPFOA a $750.00 landscaping and community beautification grant. LPF residents interested in volunteering to assist with various plantings and mulch projects scheduled for May 2012 may contact the LPF Landscape Chair Tad Timberlake.)

The Landscape Team


Thanks to the landscape team, Dennis and Doreen, Thaddeus and Deborah

1 Comment

  • We moved into the neighborhood last October and are wondering what to do about the path across the back of our property. Does the HOA provide mulch to cover the blue drainage pipes and black rubber patches,? (It looks like its been years since the last “application.”) We’d like to do some landscaping across the back of the property but don’t want to infringe on HOA projects. Or should we start with about 30 bags of mulch?