Spring Enhancements

May 8, 2012   //   by resident   //   Out and About  //  2 Comments

Front Entrance

The front entrance has been cleaned up and replanted with begonias, as part of the Spring Enhancement programme.


There will be some more work to be done on Saturday May 12th. Please contact the Landscape Committee, if you can help.






  • LPF residents wishing to assist with the spring 2012 landscaping project may meet on Sat. May 12th at 9:00AM on the corner of Queen Bishop and Gold Knight Court, or just stroll through LPF and look for us. We will be planting small/medium sized annual and perennials at locations throughout LPF. Thanks!

  • The LPF Landscape Chair, Tad Timberlake and fellow committee members Deb Timberlake, Dennis and Doreen Herbst wish to thank all LPF residents who were able to join us on May 12th and 13th to assist with the spring 2012 landscape enhancements. The time and energy volunteered by all are greatly appreciated and the the project was a huge success!

    Walt and Sandy Bilski
    Winston and Xenia McFarland
    Paul Luchsinger
    Elaine Muller
    Greg Browne

    The new plantings can use all the help (water) our community can offer them until they become established. Please volunteer to water the plantings nearest to your home if you see them beginning to wilt in the summer heat. Thank you!