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You are about to enter the Residents area of this website. To access these pages, you will need the current residents’ user name and password. Just click on any of the links below to access one of these Residents Only pages.

(Note: the ‘meta’ link “Site Admin”, on the right hand side, is for administrator access only)


There are various Residents pages available. A few are listed below with their content:


Board of Directors’. A list of the current directors and contact details, BOD Minutes and the latest agenda.

Documents. The General Documents of Lake Powell Forest include – The Application for Architectural Change, Incorporation and Bylaw Documents plus a Map of the Trails.

Book Club. Book club information is available here. Links to other clubs are shown on the left hand side of the page that you are about to go to.

Approved Vendor Listing. Updated for 2015, this listing is now available.